3rd International Advanced Sinus Dissection Course

28 March to 29 March 2019 - Berlin

Program day 1

09:30   Welcome, distribution of hand-outs
    00:30 Introduction 1: Surgical and anatomical preparation techniques, perioperative medical therapy (antibiotics, tranexamic acid, steroids), surgical equipment (Videoendoscopy, documentation, hand instruments, shaver, navigation).
    00:30 Introduction 2: Indications for surgery, postoperative care.
    01:30 Lecture and hands-on dissection*: Nasal endoscopy, endoscopic septoplasty, handling of the middle turbinate (concha bullosa).
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
    01:30 Lecture and hands-on dissection*: FESS 1 – uncinectomy / infundibulotomy, maxillary sinus ostium, middle meatal antrostomy type 1-3.
    00:30 coffee break
    02:30 Lecture and hands-on dissection*: FESS 2: anterior ethmoidectomy, dissection of the retrobullar and suprabullar recess, dissection of the frontal recess, frontal sinus drainage type I, IIa.
19:00   Course dinner

Program day 2

08:00   Welcome
    00:30 Introduction: CT check list- systematic analysis of preoperative CT scans.
    02:00 Lecture and hands-on dissection*: FESS 3: posterior ethmoidectomy, spheno-ethmoial recess, sphenoid ostium, transnasal / transethmoidal / transethmoidal-transnasal sphenoidotomy.
    00:30 coffee break
    02:00 Lecture and hands-on dissection*: FESS 4: dissection of vessels: sphenopalatine artery, anterior / middle / posterior ethmoidal artery.
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
    01:30 Lecture and hands-on dissection*: FESS 5: managment of complications - orbital decompression (endonasal decompression, lateral canthotomy and inferior cantholysis), duraplasty.
    00:30 coffee break
    01:00 Lecture and hands-on dissection*: Turbinoplasty of inferior turbinate and postlacrimal approach to maxillary sinus
Free evening
* One whole specimen is available for two participants (one side at disposal for each participant). Dissection is done on a rotating basis.